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Tena Ultra Towel Normal ( 6 Packs of 16)

Tena Ultra Towel Normal ( 6 Packs of 16)


Tena Ultra Towel Normal

Small urine leaks can occur for women during or after pregnancy or even when doing exercise, coughing or sneezing. Enjoy discreet and super comfortable protection against light urine leakage with lights by Tena Ultra Towels Normal. The most absorbent product in the range designed to take care of those unexpected little urine leaks. 5 in 1 Freshness offers fast absorption, dryness, security, comfort and odour control, letting you enjoy peace of mind no matter the situation.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Absorption - 3D Touch topsheet for fast absorption
  • Long lasting dryness - Locks in liquid, for a fresh, dry feeling
  • Secure - Superabsorbent core that locks in moisture
  • Fresh Odour Control - Micro-fresh pearls reduce the development of odour
  • Comfort - Body-shaped for a better fit