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Tena Lady Extra Plus Towels - (1 Pack of 8)

Tena Lady Extra Plus Towels - (1 Pack of 8)


Tena Lady Extra Plus Towels

Bladder weakness is more common than you'll realise, 1 in 4 women over 35 are known to experience bladder weakness--usually brought on by pregnancy, childbirth, obesity or menopause. In total more than 9 million people in the UK experience bladder weakness in some form. Over the years Tena have talked to thousands of women to build our understanding of the kind of products that are needed to ensure that that they are not worried about leaks and odour, and can feel fresh and confident no matter what their day brings, or even what they wear.

For confidence, freshness and discretion, there’s no substitute for specialist bladder weakness protection. Tena Lady products are designed for women experiencing light to moderate bladder weakness and contain a Dry Fast Core within a highly effective absorption zone. Liquid is quickly absorbed and moisture whisked away leaving an instantly dry feeling. The Dry Fast Core contains a unique Fresh Odour Control that neutralises and eliminates odours keeping you fresh and confident throughout your day. The Tena Lady range is designed for a close fit and at the same time maximum security.

The Tena Lady range has a silky soft surface against your skin to further increase the feeling of comfort and well-being. Tena Lady Extra Plus is designed to absorb up to 300ml (1 ½ cups) of liquid before needing to be changed. The individual liners come single wrapped for hygiene and, crucially, convenience. They are ideal for discreetly carrying in a handbag or pocket to allow you to live your life as you want to. The Tena Lady Extra Plus line is packed in 8s. Tena Lady are body shaped to fit your body perfectly, towels have elasticated sides to enhance this fit and security.

If you have a lower level of need Tena Lady Mini and Mini with Wings are a liner with the ability to absorb up to 70ml (4 tablespoons), while offering all the benefits of Dry Fast Core, Fresh Odour Control and Absorption zone found in Tena Lady. If you have a slightly higher level of need Tena Lady Extra and Extra Plus can absorb up to 300ml (1 1/2 cups, a standard drinks can is 330ml) while continuing to offer all the benefits of the Tena Lady towel. Tena Lady Normal is designed to absorb 130ml of liquid before needing to be changed.

  • Towels specially designed for women with moderate bladder weakness, with fast and efficient absorbency (up to 300ml nearly a drinks can)
  • Contain unique Fast Dry Core for fast and efficient absorption plus elasticated sides for close body fit and extra security
  • Silky soft surface for improved comfort and extra length for complete confidence and security
  • Fresh odour control eliminates and neutralises odours
  • These towels are ideal when more absorption is required in case of little accidents.