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TENA Incontinence Products

TENA is a brand of Essity, a number one global hygiene and health company. With over 60 years of experience, TENA is that the No 1 adult incontinence brand globally*. Tena provides a full range of absorbent products, skincare, and digital health technology solutions that are tailored to the requirements of people, their families, and healthcare professionals.

As a part of greenmaple dedication to bringing customers only the absolute best in incontinence products, We are delighted to be ready to stock a good range of Tena incontinence products, bound to suit your every need. once you or a beloved has to affect incontinence you would like to rest assured that the products you select to use provide you with the utmost possible protection and hygiene, and a method to make sure this is often to use the very best quality products available.

TENA is world-renowned for his or her incontinence products and have built a well-deserved, reputation together of the foremost effective incontinence solutions available. The TENA range has products to suit almost every scenario, allowing you or your carers to manage incontinence effectively. this enables you to continue as normal, safe within the knowledge that your hygiene and dignity will remain intact.

Our range includes TENA pads for men, TENA pads for ladies also as various options for incontinence bed pads, and different sorts of incontinence pads and incontinence pads to fit your particular needs. TENA Slip, for instance, is best suited to those that struggle with heavier incontinence or users with difficulties in mobility, whereas TENA Incontinence Pants are ideal for subtle incorporation of incontinence protection into your existing wardrobe.

No matter your needs you'll be ready to find an incontinence solution that works for you. We also stock incontinence products from other reputable manufacturers like Lille Incontinence Products and ID Incontinence Products. Shop securely online today with greenmaple

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